Vegetable CSA

Vegetable CSA – Sold Out for the 2017 season!

Intensive Market Garden

Our two acre garden produces over 100 varieties of 33 different vegetables.

Organic, biodynamic, and permaculture methods are in place. Permanent fruit trees, shrubs, flowers and vines are throughout our vegetable fields. The hardwood forest and pond lying on the borders of the farm add to its existing ecosystems. Moon cycles are analysed. Plant and animal activities are planned around lunar periods. We put great efforts towards building long term life into our soils to sustain the land we make use of.

The seasonal life cycle of our garden is March through to the end of October. A portion of the garden is started inside our wood heated greenhouse in early March and then shifted to our cold frames before being transplanted into the garden. Our greenhouse is also used for producing hardy greens throughout the winter in an unheated environment.

Cover cropping, compost tea and a variety of foliar applications are incorporated in our garden practices. The garden soil is nourished with green manure rotations and cow manure compost applications from our cattle that roam the farmland. Row covers, mulches, companion planting and homeopathic preparations are used for pest control and disease pressure.

Our vegetables are processed and packed in our outdoor farmyard washing facility. It’s nothing to fancy! We take care of the excess dirt and leave the details up to you. Keeping in mind that a little soil holds millions of healthy bacteria, as well as helps preserve the shelf life freshness of the vegetables.

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